American Wagyu Stew Beef

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Our stew beef is pre cut and make for a quick and easy last-minute meal. This is one of my go to lunches or week night meal.

Where it’s from: Our stew beef comes from the round steak, which is the rump and hind leg area. Because these muscles are used for movement, it makes for a bit of a leaner cut, although still tender. 

What it’s used for: Stir fry, kabobs, stew, sandwiches, standalone steak bites.

How to cook: These are great cooked hot and fat in a skillet with butter, or you can cook low and slow in the crock pot for Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

Individually packaged in approx. 1 lb. packs

American Wagyu 
14 Day Dry Aged
Pasture Raised, Grain Finished
Flash Frozen and Vacuumed Sealed
Homegrown in Barwick, Ga