American Wagyu Cube Steak

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A famous cut here in the south and a staple in most households. It is a favorite in our home for sure. Cube steak is known to be a tougher cut, but our American Wagyu cubes steak easily pulls apart and is sure to be the most tender cube steak you've ever had! 

Where it’s from: Cube Steak comes from the round (or rear end), so it’s typically a top sirloin or top round, which can be a bit tougher than other beef cuts.

What to use it for: There are so many dishes for cubed steak. The best known is breaded and pan fried. You can also serve with eggs for breakfast or even throw them on the grill. 

How to cook: 

  • Pan Fried- Sam is convinced the best method for fried steak is to bread it by first coating in flour, then dipping in milk, then back to the flour. (This particular order helps the breading not stick to the pan.)  Make sure to salt and pepper generously before and after. Fry it in tallow or vegetable oil.
  • Braised- Braising is a slow-cooking method that starts with a good sear and ends with a slow cook that tenderizes meat. If you plan to put your steaks in the slow cooker for an all-day cook with some gravy, this is the perfect method.
  • Grill- Grilling cube steak is something we have never done until recently. Much to my surprise, we love it!  Cut them into strips and eat like chicken fingers with fries. I call them beef sticks or snack sticks.

Packaged 3-4 per pack. (1.0-1.06lbs)

American Wagyu
21 Day Dry Aged
Pasture Raised, Grain Finished
No Added Hormones or Antibiotics
Flash Frozen and Vacuumed Sealed
Homegrown in Barwick, Ga