American Wagyu Short Ribs

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Short Ribs are absolutely delicious and packed with flavor. Beef ribs have more meat and are more tender than pork ribs because they also have a layer of fat going through the middle, that makes it so juicy and flavorful! Short ribs can also be cooked almost any way you wish. 

Where it’s from: The ribs are cut from the brisket, chuck or rib area near the lower neck and upper shoulder area.

What to use it for:  Traditional grilled BBQ ribs, or any slow cooked dish such as stews and roasts.

Cook: Low and slow. 

Grill- The most popular method of cooking is on the grill. Season as you would any BBQ or pork ribs and grill for 2.5 - 5+ hours. Make sure to trim the outside fat if grilling.

Braised- Season to your liking and sear in a hot pan with butter until brown. Cook in a crockpot (6-8 hrs.), oven at 275 for 3-4 hours, or in an crockpot for 6-8 hrs. Use your favorite broth recipe like you would a roast, or as traditional BBQ ribs. When cooking like a roast, I wait until the end to pull out the fat. Or you could trim before cooking, if you prefer. 

Each pack has 2-3 ribs and weigh approx. 2.5-3.5lbs. 

American Wagyu
14 Day Dry Aged
Pasture Raised, Grain Finished
No Antibiotics or Added Hormones
Flash Frozen and Vacuumed Sealed
Homegrown in Barwick, Ga